Weekly blog strategy for Enterprise 2.0

Hi everyone, here is my first post for this blog. As mentioned in the About page, here is a free area that you can insert your ideas, whatever like or dislike through the comment. All suggestions will be fully welcomed.


In order to doing well in Enterprise 2.0 blogging, there are some special “strategies” I may apply:

  1. Be confidence – English is not my first language, but I think many people have the similar situation. However, everything I am trying to express and share here is based on my research and personal experiences. I am not such a celebrity could be so popular, but there should be a confidential foundation to do blogging.
  2. Trying harder – Yes, a good blog needs containing useful information. If you could not come up with useful tips at moment, then try harder. Maybe read more and think more, or talk with others, discuss some ideas with peers and make these ideas stronger.
  3. Visit others’ blog – The fun of blogging I think is to share. Visiting others’ blog could share thoughts and exchange ideas. On the other hand, visiting could promote your own blog to others, and increase the visiting quantity.


Further, I would like to introduce a video about how to produce a website with WordPress 3.5:

It is critical to apply anything you want to a blog, sometimes, due to technical issue or something limits. Thus, fully understanding and implement functions that a platform already has is quite important. Besides, all these updates could help users to increase visitors’ reading experience and help bloggers to improve their blogs’ status.


There is one of popular blogs I always visit: MICHELLEPHAN.COM. I have to say Michelle’s success has many factors, and many years later over 4 million of followers subscribe her updates. In her websites, consistently updated daily blog is of the key factors that driven many followers. Even these updates are revision of previous years’ one, but still keep updating and shows her improvement in either content and post production.

She also promotes her blog, twitter, Facebook and video channel anywhere. While the appearance of “Instagram”, she took a chance to update frequently and soon enjoy this new fashionable platform to increase her influence.

Thus, at least two things I want to sum up for a self-reminder. Firstly, keep doing and show your improvement. There is nobody that could be a innate pro-blogger, all I need is to keep trying to do better. Second, follow the technical trend and well use them to promote. Maybe this is the hardest part as you have to speak in/ before somewhere new or someone who is not used to be included in your communities. But, you know what, everything has its all new beginning. After this, maybe I could enjoy this experience and implement these experience in the future studying and working.


Tired of reading? Lest’s have a bit of rest, enjoy some cutest animals on the planet.

panda lazy panda

(all these pictures are from Google Image.)

I love pandas, not only because they are one of national treasures form China, and their charming naivety. Seems they have kind of silly looking, don’t they?

And if anyone interesting in Panda Alive? Please click here.


BTW, if anyone would like to share-link with me, please feel free to contact, I am looking forward to do that. And here is my Facebook page.

Appreciate your reading!



14 thoughts on “Weekly blog strategy for Enterprise 2.0

  1. Hello Chuan,
    Nice post, I really enjoyed reading. I checked MICHELLE PHAN blog, which I really like. I think one of her success factors is that her blog is specialized in Beauty and fashion. I think focusing on a specific topic will result in gathering a great number of subscribers to your blog like MICHELLE

    Thanks again, and please check out my post for this week 😉

    • Thanks Mohammed,

      Yes, I agreed that Michelle did a very professional job now even though she was not at the very first beginning.

      Btw, I am reading yours! 🙂

  2. I love the personal touch you have to your post about the Pandas! Also, Michelle Phan is pretty well known, so I’m not surprised to see her at least once on a blog
    You are doing quite well despite your English skills. Keep up the great work! 😀

  3. Hi Chuan,
    I’m one of Michelle Phan’s Subscribers on Youtube and occasionally i read her blog for more tips and tricks!

    I agreed with your opinion that it is ok to try harder to blog especially to new bloggers, some bloggers just stop blogging because they do not have motivation to try look for informations.

    Let’s strive to blog as long as we can! even after the unit is over.
    I look forward to your next blog entry!:D

  4. wow, i totally understand where you’re coming from and appreciate the points you’ve made.
    i am an international student and I can totally relate to trying to be confident and always trying harder. awesome post!

  5. I really agreed with your opinion. I have the similar situation, English is not my first language, too. Therefore, posting blog is more difficult for me. However, you really did a good job. It is an attractive blog. I will try to work harder as you.


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