How Lenovo does marketing and supporting?

Have you seen this YouTube before? Did you notice that how many ThinkPads are in the screen?

Well, the fact is that Lenovo ThinkPad is the only laptop permitted on International Space Station.  And as part of IBM’s personal computer division, ThinkPad was acquired by Lenovo at early 2005. But this does not the end of ThinkPad, instead, this is the beginning of reborn. After years of intention, ThinkPad’s sales has been doubled. Also, new innovation appears, such as ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad Twist. However, the most thing I want to talk about today, is its customer services and marketing & sales.

Marketing and Sales

  • Market research and customer insights. Recently,there is a more targeted approach to Lenovo’s digital marketing decisions and increased its returns. Thank for the Adobe’s marketing cloud, Lenovo received a huge increase on its recent rate of return.  A more targeted data was helping the corporation to decide spending more on digital campaign rather than traditional advertising. These Adobe solutions also let Lenovo well noticed on their current target market and design specific marketing decisions.
  • Marketing communication and interaction. Lenovo’s communication between customers are well structured and well participated through all platforms such as Facebook, Twitters, Weibos (a Chinese twitter, widely used between Chinese internet users), official blogs and forums. These platforms are well established and manage by specific groups of marketing people. For example, on Lenovo’s Australia and New Zealand Facebook page, there are posts on a daily basis. They also promotes their new products, and releases news related to their CEO’s on the Facebook page, for instance, “CEO Sleeping outside” or some new decisions made by board. Further, through these social media platforms, such as Weibo, Twitter and Facebook, customers and people who interests in Lenovo could either chat with each other about their thoughts or sharing experiences. And the most important things I found is that the communication could be not related to any technical issue, but a good connection built.  At the same time, on each webpage, visitors could simply click and enter a short comment card about the web content, layout and ease of use.


  • Social commerce. As one of the largest personal computer vender, Lenovo sold on a world basis operation scale and provide a professional online customized personal computer services. As trying to provide a good user experience, they also has a online based shopping assistant 24/7. Although these are part of customer care, but compare to one of its competitors: Dell, Lenovo’s customer is much supported and cared during online shopping.

Customer Services

  • Customer care. To my point of view, Lenovo’s customer care is more than other similar computer manufacturers. For example, when you check with their online support, either technical support or after sale services, they are all provided in a professional manner. Different divisions of questions have linked to each other if there is anything related, and also the website provides their postal, telephone, and internet contact methods to meet different customer needs.


Maybe Lenovo does more than I mentioned. But they do targeted market and try to meet customer needs, as who said that, the customer is the king.

Thank you for today’s reading, and welcome for any comments.



9 thoughts on “How Lenovo does marketing and supporting?

  1. Good post Chuan, but i think you should talk more about the social technologies such as lenovo’s facebook page and how they are using it to create value through marketing, customer services etc.

  2. Hi Chuan. I think you’re talking more on what social platform are they using it. I guess it should have been more details like what Xavier mentioned earlier.

    • fairly enough. Also still widely people don’t use Twitter at all. 😉 I thought as Lenovo are a company that funded in China, it is easier to access chinese market and Weibo is obviously a good SMS for marketing etc.


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