Lightweight models and cost-effective scalability

In this week, the post still focuses on one of the eight Web 2.0 Design Patterns and Business Models by O’Reilly. However, it is more about a portfolio of business strategies rather than talk about the technologies regarding the platform. As usual, a platform for today will be picked and discussed. And that comes to Dimmi – an online restaurant reservation platform.

Dimmi Website

Dimmi Website


Dimmi was founded around four years ago, aiming to fulfil the gap of Australian restaurants online booking. But, it is not just an online booking system as it provides real customer reviews; offers high tech (iView) in the iOS app to boost user experience; and claims a reward system (normally $50 per 8,000 points) for the customers based on the booing and reviewing. Up until now, it is quite success with 200,000 diner reviews and over 2,500 best restaurants in the country. So, what are the good strategies could we take example by?

iPhone app & iView


I think the most intelligent part is they outsourcing. They have the partnership with online booking platforms such as Urbanspoon and Good Food Guide, and with PoS providers like IMpos, Oder Mate and Maltre’D. The technology support, in particular, could make restaurants more possible to corporate with Dimmi. Meanwhile, they still provide Restaurantdiary support for clients to manage and control their service capacity.

On the other hand, Dimmi also maximises their marketing impact through different competitors and social media channels. For example, they have the contract with Australian Masterchef to integrate the heat of the show effect and let consumers to find and book restaurants through Masterchef website. They also have backed by Telstra and Village Roadshow to expand their network. All these could help the platform to increase their market share dramatically and help the restaurant to gain their table booking and make it possible to earn the profit from that (Dimmi collects $1-$3 per customer from the restaurant for revenue).


Another interesting point is that, Dimmi starts early than other two competitors (Book A Restaurant & Restalo) in the Australian restaurant online booking field, which provides them the opportunities to develop and grow fast.



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